Between Clamart, the Montparnasse Tower, Châtillon, Malakoff, Montrouge, Saint-Michel, the Denfert-Rochereau Lion, Les Halles and Gare du Nord, we are making books one by one, with a laser printer (black and white), an ink-jet printer (color), a guillotine (so Parisian), a perfect binder, some stamps, slow-dry ink and powder.


Publication Studio Paris focuses on publishing poetry and literature, with a particular interest in the way language and the book form allow for the shaping of a sense of us. We deal with the pragmatics and poetics of publishing, developing projects with writers, poets, artists, graphic designers, with intellectual as well as sentimental attention. We aim at working with translation, exploring the multiplicity of Frenches and Englishes that are used & invented today; using the studio as a site to experiment with the circulation of ideas, feelings and jokes from one language to another.


Publication Studio Paris is a branch, so to say, of After 8 Books, a bookshop located 7 rue Jarry, Paris 10. We were taught the craft of printing, cutting, and binding books by Yin Yin Wong, from Publication Studio Rotterdam. Thanks {;-)}