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About us

A Publication Studio is a workplace where publication happens. Conversations, socializing, and physical labor lead to books that are available in all forms, material and digital.  The social life of the book is hosted there. The Studios share books with each other by uploading them (as PDF files) to a book cloud available in common to all Publication Studios. Any Studio can make and sell any book to anyone who wants one. They charge the price set by the Studio that originated a book and agree to give half the profit of that sale to the author.

Currently there are eleven active Publication Studio sibling studios, and several more on hiatus or otherwise inactive.



Vancouver, BC, Canada

Kay Higgins and Kathy Slade

Minneapolis, MN

Sam Gould (PS Minneapolis is a peripatetic studio, formerly known as PS Midwest Radical Culture Corridor and PS Boston, now BEYOND REPAIR.)

San Francisco, CA

Lexi Visco, Mindy Seau, Jenna Jorgensen (previously PS Oakland, run by Ian Dolton-Thornton, originally founded by Colter Jacobsen)

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Steph Yates, Dan Evans, Danica Evering, Alissa Firth-Eagland, Scott McGovern, and Shawn Van Sluys

Troy, NY (PS Hudson)

Patrick Kiley

London, UK

Louisa Bailey

Rotterdam, NL

Yin Yin Wong

São Paulo, Brazil

Laura Daviña, Júlia Ayerbe and Bel Falleiros

Glasgow, Scotland

My Bookcase, Good Press Gallery, A Feral Studio, artist Joanna Peace & CCA



Portland, OR

Patricia No, Matthew Stadler, Antonia Pinter

Portland, ME

Adam Manley and the Institute for Contemporary Art

Philadelphia, PA

Robert Blackson and the Tyler School of Art

Malmö, Sweden

Ola Stahl

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Derek McCormack, Alana Wilcox and Michael Maranda (PS Toronto is currently on hiatus.)

Los Angeles, CA

Sergio Pastor, Matthew Schum and Lizzie Fitch (PS LA is currently on hiatus)

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Kristy Trinier and Daria Hirny


Our books can be bought online (click “store” in the menu to your left) or at any Publication Studio.

In addition we sell through over 60 bookshops worldwide, including St. Marks Books (New York), READ Books at Emily Carr University (Vancouver, BC, Canada), Or Gallery Bookstore (Vancouver, BC, Canada), Luminous Books (London, UK), Hennessey and Ingalls (Los Angeles, CA), Third Place Books (Seattle, WA), Utrecht (Tokyo, Japan), ICA bookshop (London, UK), Ooga Booga (Los Angeles, CA), A Estante (Lisbon, Portugal), Choisi (Lugano, Switzerland), ProQM (Berlin, Germany), Librairie Yvon Lambert (Paris, France), Buchhandlung Walther König (Cologne, Germany), Good Press (Glasgow, Scotland), Art Metropole (Toronto, Canada), Section 7 (Paris, France), Monograph Bookwerks (Portland, OR), Dashwood Books (New York, NY), Bureau of General Services—Queer Division (New York, NY), the Whitney Museum Bookstore (New York, NY), the New Museum Bookstore (New York, NY), McNally Jackson (New York, NY), Marfa Book Co (Marfa, TX) and many others.

Publication Studio has conducted past residency projects at the Henry Art Gallery (Seattle, WA), Emily Carr University (Vancouver, BC), Yale University (New Haven, CT) Eyebeam Art + Technology Center (New York, NY), Art Gallery of Alberta (Edmonton, AB), and Ecole d’Enseignement Superieur d’Art de Bordeaux (Bordeaux, FR) and has collaborated with innumerable artists and cultural institutions on new publications and projects. Please contact us for information on initiating new projects at ps@publicationstudio.biz.

We also offer fee-based services, including: perfect binding, design and consultation. Please email us for more information regarding our services as prices vary from project to project.

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