The Olive Tree and the Old Woman
by Parwana Amiri

Here is the work of Parwana Amiri. She spent more than a year migrating from Iran to Turkey and finally to Greece, before arriving in the notorious Moria Camp on Lesvos Island, as a teenager in 2019. She moved from Moria to Ritsona Camp shortly before Moria was destroyed by fire in September, 2020. Since her arrival in Greece in 2019, Parwana has written a blog she calls “Birds of Immigrants,” comprised mostly of her first-person telling of the stories of many different migrants in the camp. She favours the stories of women and children, but uses her “I” voice to speak for all, for every kind of person and stranger, male or female, young or old, migrant or European, also trees. In 2019 she wrote a fable called “The Olive Tree and the Old Woman,” which she showed to a Greek woman, Marily Stroux. Marily drew illustrations and helped Parwana turn it into a small pamphlet.

4.92″ × 5.12″ × 0.12″
Originating studio:


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