Prick Queasy
by Ronald Palmer

#4 in Publication Studio's Fellow Travelers series. 

Prick Queasy, Ronald Palmer's debut novel, is the story of Russ Wade, a man tormented by the ghost of Hart Crane and his own vigilante crusade of killing closeted gay men. Poetic, haunting and downright raunchy, Prick Queasy moves between the different facets of Russ Wade's life and psyche, not so much explaining his behaviors, but opening up the gaping chasm that torments our protagonist. We do not sympathize with Wade but we end up as a part of him, loving him and feeling everything he feels. It is a rare talent who can create such a world to fall into, happily and horrifically. 'Russ Wade is Batman, Alice and Hannibal. His story begins in the frothy pink halo of a genre romp and moves forward by continually opening different registers, a surfeit of haunting, killing, fucking, existential riffing, thrilling frantic raving, profound suffering, and galactic ticking—and that is so gay! Prick Queasy must be the pinkest book in the world—is the novel itself a drastic throbbing prick? Ronald Palmer bursts through the traps of consciousness like an action hero in 300-D, and by that I mean he is a visionary.' —Robert Glück

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The Fellow Travelers Series
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