POP ART POEM (with Advertising)

by Jesse Harris

Portland Cement

by Antonia Carrara

Prick Queasy

by Ronald Palmer

Probably It Will Not Be Okay

by Brekan Blakeslee

Public Access

by David Horvitz & Ed Steck

Publication Studio Portable: A Mobile Publishing Manual

by Isabelle Sully, Elaine W. Ho, Beatrix Pang, Yin Yin Wong

Publication Studio Portland Biennale

by Publication Studio Portland

Publiciteit Catalogue

by Various authors


by Nickelas Johnson


by Sarah Gottesdiener

Queer City, A Reader (English)

by Publication Studio São Paulo

Quem disse que sapatão não sabe cozinhar?

by PSSP, Greta, Félixe & amigues

Rag Picker

by Steve Roden

Re-Reading the Riot Act, Cycles One through Five

by leannej

Readings on Economy Below Sea Level

by Constança Saraiva and Patrícia Pinheiro de Sousa

Regarding Head Shape: Acknowledgement Of The Haircut As Form

by Ryann Bosetti


by Christina Kingsbury and Anna Bowen

Remote Viewing: Five Hundred Tableaux

by Max Goldfarb


by Maximilian Goldfarb

Repo Man

by Dan Gilsdorf

Revenge of the Decorated Pigs

by Lawrence Rinder

Revolution: A Reader

by Lisa Robertson and Matthew Stadler

rExistencia tem voz de mulher

by Agrupamentos

Robert Mallary: Computing Art

by Mason Whitehorn Powell

Rock Lore: Acts Of Persuasion And Perversion

by Allison Collins


by Candace de Taeye

Rubbings from the Rose City

by Christopher Gossett

Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt: Introverse Arrangements

by Isabelle Sully

Sartor Resartus

by Thomas Carlyle

Scenes from a Hotel

by Joey Veltkamp