Plays Modern

by Mary Lum

Robert Mallary: Computing Art

by Mason Whitehorn Powell

Shoot the Buffalo

by Matt Briggs

The Double E

by Matt Briggs

The Strong Man

by Matt Briggs

Virility Rituals Of North American Teenage Boys

by Matt Briggs

Talking Walls

by Matt Bua

Images Are Words/Las Imagenes Son Palabras

by Matt Keegan

A History of New York

by Matt Keegan


by Matt Prins

The Gift Shop

by Matthew Offenbacher

Where We Live Now: An Annotated Reader

by Matthew Stadler

Chloe Jarren's La Cucaracha

by Matthew Stadler

Handbook for Human Machines

by Max Goldfarb

Remote Viewing: Five Hundred Tableaux

by Max Goldfarb

Numbers Station

by Max Goldfarb

Incident Report No. 1–100

by Max Goldfarb and Mike Lee


by Maximilian Goldfarb


by Mekel Zertal

O Lone Traveller

by Mélika Hashemi and Shirin Fahimi

Looking Glass Book

by Melody Owen

Free Concert

by Michael Turner

Self Help

by Michael Welsh

still the night air

by Mitzi Pederson

Art and Social Practice Reference Points: Center for Urban Pedagogy with Molly Sherman

by Molly Sherman

Femme Ghosts

by Mona Kareem

Few Recipes For Tired People

by Monika Janulevičiūtė and Noah Brehmer.

Complex Subjects

by Morgan Ritter

Under the Sky Beneath the Moon

by Mozhgan Mahjob

Whole Lotta Love

by Myfanwy Macleod