Remote Viewing: Five Hundred Tableaux

by Max Goldfarb


by Candace de Taeye

Best Book Don't Care or, Poor Form from Fringe Areas

by Quinn Latimer, edited by Werkplaats Typografie

Re-Reading the Riot Act, Cycles One through Five

by leannej

Notes: On Administration

by Kylie Gilchrist and Megan Stockton

Strip Club Book for Leah Jolie

by Olivia Coran


by Tim Roth

Dollar Store Quality Piece of Scrap

by Kristin Lucas

the triumph of geology is total

by Amelia Bywater and Scott Rogers

Portland Cement

by Antonia Carrara

In The Marble Of Your Animal Eyes

by Nathan Hauke

Pick and Mix

by Alex Keays


by Willy Smart and Brandon Wilner

Model Turned Comedian

by Heather Guertin


by Boomtown Summer School #1

Hate Suburbia

by Olivia Erlanger and Luis Ortega Govela

Rock Lore: Acts Of Persuasion And Perversion

by Allison Collins

Whole Lotta Love

by Myfanwy Macleod

Notes: On Value

by Anna de Filippi, Kylie Gilchrist and Megan Stockton

Studio Rent Editions

by David Horvitz

A User's Guide to [Demanding] the Impossible

by Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination

The Social Life of Artistic Property

by Pablo Helguera, Michael Mandiberg, William Powhida, Amy Whitaker, and Caroline Woolard

Time Compromise and Penitence

by Blair Brennan


by Nickelas Johnson


by Leora Morinis and Aki Sasamoto

See I Saw

by Keith Wilson

Drawing with the Third Eye

by Cadine Navarro

Backwards Metamorphosis Library

by Hyung-Min Yoon

Open Poems

by Rachel Rose and Alex Da Corte


by Brenda Draney