Sublingual Syllabus

by Kevin Unstruck

Dollar Store Quality Piece of Scrap

by Kristin Lucas

My artistic life is a mobile state

by Kristy Edmunds

who claims abstraction (with a difference)?

by Kristy Trinier, Kimberly Phillips, and Francisco-Fernando Granados

Notes: On Administration

by Kylie Gilchrist and Megan Stockton

A User's Guide to [Demanding] the Impossible

by Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination

A Lizard, a Smashed Safe, and a Pillow (Encountered on a Walk in Oakland)

by Lara Durback

Atmospheric Meditations. Before Present (338 U-710 U)

by Laura F. Gibellini

Drawing a Mountain

by Laura F. Gibellini

The Indigenous Artist's Survival Guide to Art School

by Laura Grier

Revenge of the Decorated Pigs

by Lawrence Rinder


by Lawrence Rinder and Colter Jacobsen

Improvising Freely: The ABCs of an Experience

by Lê Quan Ninh

Re-Reading the Riot Act, Cycles One through Five

by leannej


by Leora Morinis and Aki Sasamoto

Agenda 2036

by Lexi Pendzich


by Lindsay Boldt

Forests Not Yet Here

by Lisa Hirmer

Sentences on Sentences on Paragraphs on Paragraphs

by Lisa Radon

Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture

by Lisa Robertson

Revolution: A Reader

by Lisa Robertson and Matthew Stadler


by Lisa Schonberg

Fieldguided II: Joshua Tree

by Lisa Schonberg

The Hylaeus Project

by Lisa Schonberg with illustrations by Aidan Koch

A Recent Writing

by Liz Allan and Perri MacKenzie


by Louis Jargow, Suzahn Ebrahimian & Lauren Moran

Plastic Words

by Louisa Bailey, John Douglas Millar, David Musgrave, Luke Skrebowski, Natasha Soobramanien and Luke Williams

Através da história - "Fascismo: definição e história"

by Luce Fabbri

Art and Social Practice Reference Points: Art and Education

by Luis Camnitzer, Pablo Helguera, & Betty Marín

El gato eficaz/Deathcats

by Luisa Valenzuela