No. 1

by M Blash

Scenes from a Hotel

by Joey Veltkamp

Touched by an Email: Heartwarming Stories from the Internet

by Alex Felton

Some, But Not All, Of My Clothes

by Israel Lund

a pragmatic response to real circumstances

by Anne Focke

Revenge of the Decorated Pigs

by Lawrence Rinder

Owner Of This World

by Shawn Records

Catalogue of Variable Essence

by Ashby Collinson and Dana Dart-McLean

Inherited & Borrowed Types

by Ruby Sky Stiler

Yoko + Moon

by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

Commune A Tutti È Sognare

by Emilio Fantin


by Gabriel Parniak

The Social Life of Artistic Property

by Pablo Helguera, Michael Mandiberg, William Powhida, Amy Whitaker, and Caroline Woolard

Model Minority

by Gendai Gallery

Sound Guelph

by David J. Knight


by Erik Visser