by Lisa Schonberg


by Edmonton Art Gallery

The Salem Singers

by Tom Greenwood

Revolution: A Reader

by Lisa Robertson and Matthew Stadler

A Classroom Reader

by Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen

Regarding Head Shape: Acknowledgement Of The Haircut As Form

by Ryann Bosetti

The Quilt and the Truck

by Nancy Shaver

Hit the North

by Victoria Haven

Where We Live Now: An Annotated Reader

by Matthew Stadler

Greatest Sips

by Alex Brown and Evan George


by Tegan Moore, Elspeth Pratt and Lorna Brown

A Circular 2

by Pedro Cid Proença

Burnside: A Community

by Kathleen Ryan

Voices of Portland

by Christine Ermenc

What We Are Learning

by What We Are Learning

The History of Junior Ambassadors Food Cart: A Mostlandian Venture

by Rudy Speerschneider

Archive for a Mountain

by Marc Handelman

The Critic as Artist

by Oscar Wilde

Special Effects: Advances in Neurology

by Neil Marcus

Meiro Koizumi

by Open Satellite

Rubbings from the Rose City

by Christopher Gossett

How to Look at a Vancouver Special

by Kay Higgins

Twenty-seven Installations

by Portland Center for the Visual Arts

Notes from a Young Curator

by Sam Korman


by Jamie Hilder

Art and Social Practice Reference Points: Art and Education

by Luis Camnitzer, Pablo Helguera, & Betty Marín

Capitalism Inside an Organization

by Pravin J. Jain

a pragmatic response to real circumstances

by Anne Focke

Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture

by Lisa Robertson

How to Rest the Unrestable? Little self-care manual for exhausted bodies

by Danilo Patzdorf