Two Augusts in a Row in a Row

by Shelley Marlow

Twenty-seven Installations

by Portland Center for the Visual Arts


by Lawrence Rinder and Colter Jacobsen

Tudo o que deixei de dizer em voz alta

by Agrupamentos


by Soto Labor

Tourist Visa

by Sumantra Mukherjee

Touched by an Email: Heartwarming Stories from the Internet

by Alex Felton

To Sleep as Animals

by Douglas W. Milliken

Time Compromise and Penitence

by Blair Brennan

Thrasher Fanzine

by Sam Korman and Israel Lund

This Is The Same Hillside

by Shawn W. Creedon

Things We Should Have Said

by Danger Punch

The Wolves

by Jason R Jimenez

The True Levellers Standard Advanced

by Gerrard Winstanley

the triumph of geology is total

by Amelia Bywater and Scott Rogers

The Template Files: Works By D. E. May

by D. E. May

The Strong Man

by Matt Briggs

The Store (De Laden)

by szim

The Spirit of the Ghetto

by Hutchins Hapgood

The Social Life of Artistic Property

by Pablo Helguera, Michael Mandiberg, William Powhida, Amy Whitaker, and Caroline Woolard

The Salem Singers

by Tom Greenwood

The Round Up

by Ari Marcopoulos

The Quilt and the Truck

by Nancy Shaver

The Omen

by John Galt, edited by David J. Knight

The Olive Tree and the Old Woman

by Parwana Amiri

The Night She Slept with a Bear

by Holly Anderson

The New York School

by Joseph Bradshaw

The Landscape ft. Jenna Goldsmith

by Danger Punch

The Indigenous Artist's Survival Guide to Art School

by Laura Grier

The Hylaeus Project

by Lisa Schonberg with illustrations by Aidan Koch