Scenes from a Hotel

by Joey Veltkamp

See I Saw

by Keith Wilson

Self Help

by Michael Welsh

Sentences on Sentences on Paragraphs on Paragraphs

by Lisa Radon

Sex of the Oppressed

by Nikolay Oleynikov

Shoot the Buffalo

by Matt Briggs

Siegfried Kracauer's 'Georg'

by Carl Skoggard

Situationer Workbook/Cookbook

by Various authors

Some Memories About Memory

by Devon Kerslake

Some, But Not All, Of My Clothes

by Israel Lund

Sometimes They Sang

by Helen Potrebenko

Songs of Love, Death, and Pleasure

by Hazel Jane Plante

Sonnets: Walter Benjamin

by Carl Skoggard

Sound Guelph

by David J. Knight


by Sarah French

Special Effects: Advances in Neurology

by Neil Marcus


by Kevin Killian

Stand On This Picnic Bench And Look North

by Sam Lohmann

Stay Time: A Year of Writing with Fourteen40 Contemporary

by John Motley

still the night air

by Mitzi Pederson

Stories of Impact: Douglas R. Ewart's Crepuscule

by Ajay Heble

Strip Club Book for Leah Jolie (second edition)

by Oliver Coran with Kevin Killian

Studio Rent Editions

by David Horvitz

Sublingual Syllabus

by Kevin Unstruck

Summer Goals

by Anne Parker and Christie MacLean


by Joel Dean

Syrup Rotterdam

by Asnate Bockis

Take 'Em Down: Scattered Monuments and Queer Forgetting

by Simon(e) van Saarloos

Talking Walls

by Matt Bua

Ten Illustrations for “The Fall of the House of Usher” by E. A. Poe

by Bob Glück, Chris Komater