When I Was a Tree

by Dina Bursztyn

Art and Social Practice Reference Points: John Malpede with Dillon de Give

by Dillon de Give


by Diana Balmori

Some Memories About Memory

by Devon Kerslake


by Devon Beggs

Between Here and There

by Delany Allen

Placing the Golden Spike: Landscape of the Anthropocene

by Dehlia Hannah and Sara Krajewski


by Debra Baxter

Wanting Is Easier Than Having

by Debra Baxter

Access to Tools

by David Senior

City in a Wild Garden

by David Maddox, Malerie Lovejoy, and Curtis Walker

A Flash of Silver-Green: Stories of The Nature of Cities

by David Maddox, Curtis Walker, and Malerie Lovejoy

Sound Guelph

by David J. Knight


by David Horvitz and Natalie Haeusler

Volume North & Volume South

by David Horvitz & Zach Houston

Public Access

by David Horvitz & Ed Steck

MoMA Cubicle

by David Horvitz

Studio Rent Editions

by David Horvitz

How to Shoplift Books

by David Horvitz

From the Original Heidelberg

by Daria Hirny

How to Rest the Unrestable? Little self-care manual for exhausted bodies

by Danilo Patzdorf

Cómo descansar lo indescansable? Pequeño manual de autocuidados para cuerpos agotados.

by Danilo Patzdorf

Como descansar o indescansável? Pequeno manual de autocuidado para corpos esgotados.

by Danilo Patzdorf

Bibliography 2014

by Daniel Glendening


by Daniel Duford

Co-sensing with Radical Tenderness

by Dani d'Emilia, Vanessa Andreotti & GTDF Collective

Co-sentindo com Ternura Radical

by Dani d'Emilia, Vanessa Andreotti & GTDF Collective

Things We Should Have Said

by Danger Punch

The Landscape ft. Jenna Goldsmith

by Danger Punch

Dan Graham Drawings 1965-1969

by Dan Graham