Shoot the Buffalo

by Matt Briggs

The Dream of the Cold War: Poems 1998–2008

by Grant Cogswell

Revenge of the Decorated Pigs

by Lawrence Rinder

Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture

by Lisa Robertson

Catalogue of Variable Essence

by Ashby Collinson and Dana Dart-McLean

Owner Of This World

by Shawn Records

Inherited & Borrowed Types

by Ruby Sky Stiler

Yoko + Moon

by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

Pick and Mix

by Alex Keays


by Nickelas Johnson

Plastic Words

by Louisa Bailey, John Douglas Millar, David Musgrave, Luke Skrebowski, Natasha Soobramanien and Luke Williams

A Thread Or Line That Holds Things Together: 99 Subtle Manoeuvres

by Martine Syms


by Joel Dean

Plays Modern

by Mary Lum

Tourist Visa

by Sumantra Mukherjee

Whole Lotta Love

by Myfanwy Macleod

Backwards Metamorphosis Library

by Hyung-Min Yoon

Atmospheric Meditations. Before Present (338 U-710 U)

by Laura F. Gibellini


by Louis Jargow, Suzahn Ebrahimian & Lauren Moran

Every Second One Hundred Bolts of Lightning Strike the Earth

by James Hoff

The Social Life of Artistic Property

by Pablo Helguera, Michael Mandiberg, William Powhida, Amy Whitaker, and Caroline Woolard

A Book About—

by Åbäke (Maki Suzuki and Kajsa Ståhl), Corinn Gerber, Laure Giletti, Jp King, Chris Lee, Patricia No, Anouk Pennel, & Benjamin Thorel


by Willy Smart and Brandon Wilner

Atlas Of The Conflict: Israel – Palestine

by Malkit Shoshan

Elevator Mirror Displacements

by Sebastian Black

Dollar Store Quality Piece of Scrap

by Kristin Lucas

Future Perfect

by Andrew Durbin

Lessons in Heterosexuality

by John Bloomfield

Model Turned Comedian

by Heather Guertin


by Leora Morinis and Aki Sasamoto