by Jessica Higgins

Guilding draws together twenty-four edited chapters of an episodically written novella, once published via a mobile phone application Guilding a Slyte Repose and produced as the result of a residency period concerned with the operatings and potentials posed by a semi-autobiographical literary practice as a framework for performance, publishing and the production of sculpture. For this publication, the edited novella is accompanied by a series of essays or ‘letters’ from the author addressing the relations between reader and writer; author and narrator; visitor and host in the context of the semi-fiction, the subjective analysis of truth and myth, haunting, intruding, posturing and the unfolding of language in the never-ending difficulties with communication.

Jessica Higgins is an artist living and working in Glasgow. Recent presentations include: Mutters, New Victoria Gardens, Glasgow (group, 2018); Ruins, Spats, Turf Projects, London (with Matthew Walkerdine, 2018); Once More While Reeling,A6books, London (with Nick Ainsworth, publication, 2018); SPAM presents: That’s Hot! performance with Michael Crowe, The Poetry Club, Glasgow (group, 2018); MINIMAL/POOR/PRESENT, Pearce Institute, 2018 (group, 2018); House Party, Project Ability, Glasgow (group, 2018); Casual Nexus, performance with Edwin Stevens, The Old Hairdressers & Clydesdale Cricket Club, Glasgow (group, 2018); A Plume Annual Volume One co-edited with Jude Hagan and Rebecca Wilcox (publication, 2017); New Edition with Matthew Walkerdine, Edinburgh Printmakers (group, 2017); After Hours, 16 Nicholson St. (solo, 2017); Sic, Glasgow Project Room (with Owen Piper, 2016); Grab a Chair, Flinch, The Glue Factory (group, 2016), Settling Up Some Of Things, Many Studios (group, 2016). She is 1/9th of Good Press, a volunteer-led-unfunded-informal-organisation dedicated to the promotion and production of independent artist publications and projects.

Publication Studio London
Originating studio:


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