Depression Cooking: easy recipes for when you're depressed as fuck
by Sonali Menezes

Sonali Menezes is a Hamilton, Ontario-based artist and writer whose mental health zines, including You’re so exotic, So you’re anxious as fuck, and So you’re thinking about suicide,  exist as home-made artifacts of small-scale community care and informal knowledge-sharing. The zines’ compassionate and irreverent tone comes as a huge relief in the context of institutional models of care, mental health crises, and the hollowness of commoditized self-care.  Sonali’s newest zine, Depression Cooking, offers very basic recipes to help folks who experience depression and/or a history of disordered eating to *just eat*. Based on what Menezes calls the trinity of depression cooking—mac and cheese, ramen, and toast—and things to put on them, this is a no-bullshit offering to help her readers through the darkest days of pandemic-induced isolation.

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5.5″ × 8.5″ × 0.25″
Originating studio:

A dozen basic recipes to get through the day, based on the "Trinity of Depression Cooking:" Instant Ramen, Toast, and Mac and Cheese. Includes QR code for two cooking playlists, as well as tips and tricks to conserve your energy.

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