10 Reasons Books Matter
by Timothy Young

A Risograph printed broadsheet/zine providing 'ten good reasons the book is important'. Timothy Young (Curator of Modern Books & Manuscripts at Yale University's Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library) wrote his list originally for Design Observer in 2015. With the help of graphic designer Elana Schlenker this thoughtful defense of the printed codex exists now in its proper form—as a book! We Riso print each poster individually on archival quality colored paper from the nearby Mohawk Paper Mill. Currently available in about ten different colors. If you have a particular preference please let us know at the email below. Perfect for any library, study, classroom, or bookstore. Note: The poster is pre-cut and folded into zine format before shipping. It can easily be unfolded for framing or otherwise mounting to a wall. If you'd prefer to have a copy that isn't cut or folder please contact us!

Also check out the companion to this zine, also by Tim Young, 10 Reasons Libraries Matter

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