A Fiery Flying Roule
by Eirik Steinhoff

A Fiery Flying Roule: to all the inhabitants of the earth; specially the rich ones reproduces a series of pamphlets distributed during the Oakland Commune (a.k.a. Occupy Oakland) from 2 November 2011, the day of the “general strike” that shut down the Port of Oakland, to May Day 2012. These 25 front-line transmissions are chronicle-collages of poetry, prose, photographs, and diagrams that reflect and respond to actions and events as they transpired in those heated 6 months. Their name recycles the title of a pair of antinomian pamphlets circulated by the London Ranter Abiezer Coppe in 1649; the tenor of Coppe’s prophetic do-it-yourself political barnstorming is continuously operative in these latter-day missives, particularly in the irregular orthography of the proper noun by which he called his pamphlets. This color-printed archive edition of the Roules includes a 60-pp. afterword that situates the project in its historical contexts.

A Fiery Flying Roule is co-published by Station Hill Press & Publication Studio Hudson.

Eirik Steinhoff lives in Olympia, WA, where he teaches interdisciplinary classes like "Words/Woods" and "Gateways for Incarcerated Youth" at The Evergreen State College. He co-edits Black Box: A Record of the Catastrophe, and his essays have appeared in Arcade, Chicago Review, Counter-Signals, Floor, postmedieval, and elsewhere. In the late 20th century he was a librarian at the Reuters News Photo archive, and in 2009 his translations from Petrarch's Rime Sparse appeared as Fourteen Sonnets from Albion Books.

6″ × 9″ × 0.63″
Pilot Editions
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